Superhero Origin Story

Cronus Project

  • The scientific project that was developing a serum for super soldiers and humans; trying to better the human race
  • Project gets shut down because animal trials aren’t working
  • Hyperion believes it will only work on humans, but the others disagree and disband
  • Hyperion Storm- scientist who is trying to recreate the serum that was being developed by the Cronus project
  • Each scientist received a codename in order to keep the project as secret as possible; no one knows each other’s names except Hyperion and his wife, Theia.

Titan Serum-

  • Exposure: Hyperion distraught from his wife’s murder, wanders around city after stealing a sample of the serum, and injects it into the heroes.
  • Symptoms of Exposure: slight fever, fatigue, nauseous, clammy skin, chills, loss of short term memory, and headache



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