Superhero Origin Story

The Titans
Scientist Codenames
  • Hyperion: Nathan Sims (male); “the high one”; characteristics of the “God of Watchfulness, wisdom, and the light;” sun
  • Mnemosyne: Eleanor Kirk (female); mother of the muses and personification of memory
  • Tethys: Harriet Goldberg (female); aquatic sea goddess, mother of rivers and embodiment of the waters of the world
  • Theia: Veronica Sims (female); goddess of the moon; glory; mother-like
  • Phoebe: Emma Lacey (female); “radiant, bright, prophetic”; goddess of prophecy and oracular intellect
  • Rhea: Allie Harris (female); mother of goddesses and gods (Olympians); saved Zeus by quick action; witty; tricky
  • Themis: Verna Scott (female); “of good counsel”; personification of divine order, law, natural law, and custom
  • Oceanus: Lionel Walter (male); divine personification of the sea; an enormous river encircling the world (male)
  • Coeus: Terrence Pratt (male); “query, questioning”; god of intellect; represents inquisitive mind
  • Crius: Ralph Wood (male); god of constellations; measuring years, unlike Hyperion who measures days and months
  • Iapetus: Harvey Shelton (male); “spear”; god of craftsmanship; god of morality
Story So Far
Characters Have Achieved:
  • Found the list of codenames- scientist working on project
  • Only ones who can see monsters
  • Found injection marks
  • Stole Harvey’s van
  • Rosey and Babs found reaction to touching serum
  • Babs affinity for blood
  • June can talk to birds now
  • Rosey is stronger
  • Blurry (mob) kidnapping people and holding experiments
  • Talked to Emma Lacey
Characters May:
  • Keep human form and gain powers
  • Transform into race choice and gain powers
  • Decide to kill each monster
  • Try to cure the monsters
  • Join together or keep solo
Characters Must:
  • Find out how they got their powers
  • Where the monsters are coming from
  • What is causing the recent murders
  • What is causing the “explosions”
  • Who is the woman who they keep seeing at the scenes of attacks
  • Find out how they know each other
Key Points
  • exposed to titan serum and begin to slowly change
  • people who can see the summoned monsters and choose to fight them for various reasons
  • as they begin to realize their powers they begin to take on that form
  • gain powers because exposed to the chemical that creates the monsters
Cronus Project
  • The scientific project that was developing a serum for super soldiers and humans; trying to better the human race
  • Project gets shut down because animal trials aren’t working
  • Hyperion believes it will only work on humans, but the others disagree and disband
  • Hyperion Storm- scientist who is trying to recreate the serum that was being developed by the Cronus project
  • Each scientist received a codename in order to keep the project as secret as possible; no one knows each other’s names except Hyperion and his wife, Theia.

Titan Serum-

  • Exposure: Hyperion distraught from his wife’s murder, wanders around city after stealing a sample of the serum, and injects it into the heroes.
  • Symptoms of Exposure: slight fever, fatigue, nauseous, clammy skin, chills, loss of short term memory, and headache
Episode One
News Report

Mayor addresses the recent “domestic terrorism” and says he believes that the bombings are most likely to be the “actions of religious extremists.” These recent terrors that have been plaguing our city don’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon. Law enforcement has not revealed any leads or persons of interest as of yet.
Also, there has been no new information that has come to light about the recent murders that don’t seem to be connected to the bombings, but there are rumors that it is the action of a serial killer’s presence in our beloved Central City. Authorities are cautioning people to stay inside at night and keep a look out for suspicious people and report anything strange to the police.
Be careful and stay safe Central City.

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