Superhero Origin Story

The Titans

Scientist Codenames

  • Hyperion: Nathan Sims (male); “the high one”; characteristics of the “God of Watchfulness, wisdom, and the light;” sun
  • Mnemosyne: Eleanor Kirk (female); mother of the muses and personification of memory
  • Tethys: Harriet Goldberg (female); aquatic sea goddess, mother of rivers and embodiment of the waters of the world
  • Theia: Veronica Sims (female); goddess of the moon; glory; mother-like
  • Phoebe: Emma Lacey (female); “radiant, bright, prophetic”; goddess of prophecy and oracular intellect
  • Rhea: Allie Harris (female); mother of goddesses and gods (Olympians); saved Zeus by quick action; witty; tricky
  • Themis: Verna Scott (female); “of good counsel”; personification of divine order, law, natural law, and custom
  • Oceanus: Lionel Walter (male); divine personification of the sea; an enormous river encircling the world (male)
  • Coeus: Terrence Pratt (male); “query, questioning”; god of intellect; represents inquisitive mind
  • Crius: Ralph Wood (male); god of constellations; measuring years, unlike Hyperion who measures days and months
  • Iapetus: Harvey Shelton (male); “spear”; god of craftsmanship; god of morality



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